Adult Video – Past and Present Projects

PimpStudio Productions has been part of the adult industry for nearly two decades and is always looking for new and interesting pornographic projects. Some of these projects are our own, others belong to outside clients, and are outsourced to us. The landscape is always changing as are the employment opportunities (jobs) we offer adult models and performers. If you are and adult performer, interested in any of these projects, or are looking for an adult content provider, please feel free to Contact Us


Who doesn’t wish they could see what goes on behind closed doors, play the voyeur?

Panty Fetish

Nothing makes a sexy model sexier then seductive erotic lingerie, panties in particular. Panties in particular. Men just can’t resist…

Sleep Fetish

There’s nothing more vulnerable and seductive then a sleeping girl…


It’s a mystery for both parties. Who’s on the other side of the glory hole, and what kind of fun will they have?


Before there were selfies, there was “We Took Pics”. Give two hot girls a video camera and see what they come up with….

Cat Fights

Take two hot adult models and let them have at each other! The pornographic result is bound to be sexy as hell!


Rave girl are hot and wild by definition. Take it to the next level and who knows where you’ll end up.


D-Cups have had their day. It’s time for the “A” teem to stand up.


Tied up and waiting to fulfill your the deepest darkest of desires.


What’s more desirable then the sexy girl next door, always in site but just out of reach…

Hypno Fetish

Who knows what she’ll get up to once her mind and body have be turned over to his control….

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